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Nha Trang is a seaside city in central Vietnam and the capital city of Khanh Hoa province in southern Vietnam. The city is not large, covering an area of ​​251 square kilometers, only 400,000 people, mainly in the breeding and processing of seafood mainly in addition to some tourism business services, is a famous seaside tourist destination and port city . Nha Trang is located in the southern bank of the mouth of the Cai River in central Vietnam, west of majestic Changshan, east of the vast South China Sea coconut trees. A Nha Trang is said to have originated from the "Yakram" of Cham Poh, which means "bamboo forest river". History of Nha Trang belongs to the city, north of the urban area Po Tower Hill stands towering towering sea, it is ancient ruins of the brilliant culture of the Communists. Nha Trang is located in Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City tourist routes, tourists come and go very convenient. From Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang, about 6 hours by car and only 50 minutes by plane. Nha Trang warm and pleasant climate, the temperature is about 22 to 28 degrees Celsius.
    Originally Nha Trang beach sand 15 km long, but for tourism, Nha Trang beach sand more than 7 km. Half moon-shaped beach embraced the blue sea, white sand beach soft, sea Nguyen Dynasty level. Here is a natural sea (beach) bath, Nha Trang sea breeze is also different from elsewhere, the sea breeze is rich in bromine and iodine, can promote blood circulation of the body, it can be said that with the regulation of the sea breeze, here is really a convalescence Good place.
Every year, many people travel to Nha Trang, that is, the winter is no exception. There are gazebo on the beach, there are tourists for rest, but also cold drinks shop. Visitors can also taste the delicious seafood just salvaged from the sea.
Close to the beach is the spacious Tran Phu Boulevard, lined by rows of tall coconut trees, neat casuarina and umbrella-shaped olive trees. Near the boulevard Tran Phu is the architectural style of different villas, shopping malls and luxury hotels.
    The sea near Nha Trang is Vietnam's famous fishing grounds, where good weather fishing to the sea for up to 250 days each year.
The famous Vietnam Ocean Research Institute is also located in Nha Trang, the hospital holds more than 60,000 species of marine specimens. More than 200 kinds of rare fishes in Nha Trang are stocked in Chiyuan Lake, 1 kilometer away from Nha Trang Harbor.
There are many islands on the sea east of the city such as Takeshima, Monkey Island and so on. Not only are these islands not far from the coast, they also block the breeze and waves of this beautiful city and protect the lives of people in Nha Trang. To Nha Trang must not miss the four island tour. The four islands include Yen Island, the first island that produces bird's nest, Mun Island (Black Island) and (Tam island) Silkworm Island.
Some tourist attractions in the north of the city, such as the day according to Madonna tower, stacked stone. . . . . . In addition, Nha Trang's largest entertainment center is the Vietnamese Pearl (Vinpearl Land) on Bamboo island, the largest shopping mall is a circular market. Dam market, Long Son Pagoda, Ponagar Tower. . . All are famous. There are also three mudd bath & spa center.
Nha Trang's specialty is bird's nest and incense wood. Bird's nest is good for your body. Eat bird's nest every day to extend the age.
In 2003 Nha Trang Bay was recognized by the world as one of the 29 most beautiful bays in the world.

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