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NHA TRANG TOURS is the Supplier tourist service and orgniazing tours at Nha Trang. Vietnam.
We have many years experience in the travel industry and also a lot of experience in the field of car rental with very reasonable prices. providing customers with vehicles from 4 seats to 45 seats serving diverse needs of customers: Working Car Hire, car rental month, wedding car rental, car hire people to attend the conference, go to weddings, sightseeing car rental, travel ...

We are always incentives for regular customers booking our service and big group: 

   1 / KIA style, type of vehicle: 4 seats, one day rental price: 50 USD.

   2 / Toyota Fortuner, Models: 7 seats, rental price per day: 60 USD.

   3 / Mercedes Benz Models: 16 seats, rental price per day: 60 USD.

   4 / Vehicles Samco: 29 seats, rental price per day: 100 USD.

   5 / XE SAMCO 2015 Models: 35 seats, rental price per day: 110 USD.

  6 / Vehicles Universe, Models: 45 seats, rental price per day: 120 USD.

   7/ Wooden boat 70 USD/ for one day discover Nha Trang bay tour 

   8/ Speed boat: 80 USD / for one day discover Nha Trang bay tour 

With the motto "Courtesy - safe - professional", we are constantly working to improve the service and are committed to the highest quality of service to all customers

Provide Viernamese, English, French, Russian, Chinese and Japanese tour guides to the airport / terminal / bus station.

Get tourland for domestic and foreign partners who need cooperation.

* Account information FOR BOOKING TOURS:


Swift: BFTVVNVX006

Account number: 0061370113501

Name of Account: PHAM VAN TINH